✨ What is As You Are?

As You Are is a platform to explore ourselves and the world around us through in-depth interviews and intentional conversations. Stay tuned for deep-convos, interesting stories, questions to ponder, and lessons to expand your mind and heart, through our monthly newsletters. 

💌 Who writes this?

Hollis: Hi! I’m Hollis! I’m a 23-year-old (at this point) living in New York City and I spend much of my time thinking about food, feelings, and how we can make meaning out of this extremely confusing and oftentimes depressing human experience. It sounds sad, but really it’s what gets me up in the morning. All of the other more concrete aspects of my life can be found between LinkedIn and Instagram. 

Grace: Hi, I’m Grace, a 23-year-old queer artist and photographer, originally from Chicago. I lead with my passions in life, which include talking about everything intimacy, identity, and pleasure related - unabashedly and publicly. I also love having deep conversations about the complexities of life and enjoy doing so while eating a big bowl of pasta.


📕 Who reads this?

This is a space for people who want to use stories as a launching point to get into the complex, interesting, and deeply personal conversations that inform our lives; Meaning anyone can read As You Are! Yes, we love chatting with one another, sharing podcasts, laughing, learning and writing, but what is really driving this are people, like us, craving a space that can fuel, empower, and ground them. Our hope is that we continue to build a community that wants to learn and grow together to create a safer and more intentional space than much of the internet has to offer. We always have more to learn from one another.

📮 What will I receive? 

We provide starting points for conversations, resources to explore, questions to wade through, and stories to hold close to your heart. We are here to share the pleasures of individuality through writing and eventually audio, video, live calls, and events. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first things first we gotta get this thing off the ground!


  • It’s important for us to reiterate that this is a platform for learning and empathy-building. Naturally, you’ll come across perspectives, ideas, and experiences that you don’t relate to. However, we invite you to stay open-minded. We’ll never be a home for insensitive or offensive work or people, but we’ll always stay open to hard conversation. With that, we know language will evolve, and we are taking these stories for what they are in this moment. We’re all learning and growing, and we hope that is reflected in the work you see here.

  • As we launch this newsletter, we have a tiered subscription model. Paid subscribers help support the continuation of our conversations and receive access to a broader range of our work and community in return. Non-paid subscribers can access previews to our interviews and reflection pieces in addition to spontaneous additional content. However, as we grow, we hope to provide subscriptions if our paid tier is out of the price range for some of our readers. Regardless of which bucket you fall into, we’re really happy to have you here.

  • Lastly, if you are thinking “Hey, I want to chat about my experiences,” and would like to be a part of the public dialogue we cultivate here, feel free to reach out to us via our Instagrams. We would love to hear from you.